Scale models

Most suitable for to explain theory/concepts

To consider:

  • a professional studio is required
  • needs a professional team
  • needs a strong concept and script (in this case: support the storyline visually by building a scale-model live)
  • post-production required

Moving pieces of paper

Most suitable for low-tech explanations

To consider:

  • needs preparation for materials and setting
  • basic no nonsense personal approach, enriched by low tech materials
  • easy to create, approach doesn’t raise high expectations in the performance
  • post-production required


Most suitable for explaining theory/concepts

To consider:

  • a storyboard needs to be produced
  • support from a designer is recommended
  • audio and lights have much impact on the quality
  • some post-production required
  • useful for explaining in an engaging way
  • leaves room for creativity